Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Batman: men's rights activist

Last night at Melbourne's Wheeler Centre, I offered a bold new superhero to the sold-out crowd: Batman the men's rights activist.

Taking part in the "Pitch a Classic Today", I was onstage with screenwriter Niki Aken, and comedians Laura Davis, Sami Shah and Jennifer Wong (who hosted the gig).

I celebrated Batman as a champion of the most oppressed people in society: white, wealthy, middle-class, heterosexual men.

Here's a little of the story:
Batman hid in the shadows, but not in a scaredy way. His hard muscles were hard against the hard bricks.  
He had heard whispers of a new villain in Gotham, worse than the Joker with his ambiguous gender performance that mocked traditional manhood. Makeup was for girls. And Batman’s camouflage face-paint was not makeup. Not at all. It was a liquid mask.  
Wearing his armour like a protective suit of armour, the Batman ran through the alleys until he stopped, cautiously—but still with swagger: there were two women standing there. There was no man. And they were talking to each other. But not about a man.
(I look forward to my new Sky TV show and Australian Financial Review column.)

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