Saturday, August 3, 2013

Friday Nights at Monet's Garden

Céleste Boursier-Mougenot's 'Clinamen' exhibit, in its evening gown
Last night I did a 'pop up' talk at the National Gallery of Victoria, on Monet and his garden -- part of their very popular 'Friday Nights at Monet's Garden' series.

The gallery was packed with visitors of all ages, many with a glass of bubbly or shiraz. There was a DJ (playing some thumping but laid-back tunes), live bands, and an atmosphere of thoughtful revelry.

Glowing with lights (and shiraz)
The 'Nymphéas' room was the perfect spot for my gig (a longer version of my recent Monet column).

I spoke about the intimacies behind artworks, including relationships with gardens: Monet's muse at Giverny was vital for his late works. I also touched on the virtues of gardens more generally: from relaxation and health, to creative stimulation. I had a good chat with some audiences members afterwards.

If you're up for a civilised evening in Melbourne, do check out the 'Friday Night...' program. It's on until September 6th.

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